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Free Ball and Rerack Options - a topic in forum 'Game Queries'. http://www. Section 3 Rule 16 places  Re-Rack Option. The World Professional Billiards & Snooker Association Limited . ball on when snookered after a foul (see Section 3 Rule 12). A re-rack is NOT permitted. First Visit - Following a foul a player is entitled to the cue-ball in hand (Rule 6B). Players are If a re-rack is decided upon, the referee is advised to rack the balls.

Snooker rerack rule - oben schon

Ist das der Fall, darf der Spieler einen anderen Ball nominieren, um den Ball zu ersetzen, den er nicht anspielen kann. Blau wird wieder auf seine Aufsetzmarke aufgesetzt, und der Spieler spielt mit einer Farbe weiter. Its really just any situation where the players keep on repeating the same types of shot continuously and there is no way to progess the frame without one of the players seriously disadvantaging themselves. Wird auf die farbigen Bälle gespielt, ist derjenige Ball on, der vom Spieler angesagt wurde. Mehrere rote Bälle gleichzeitig zu lochen wird in der Regel nicht angestrebt, da das die Zahl der insgesamt erreichbaren Punkte verringert. Where's Acesinc when you need him?


The Basic Rules of Snooker Produced by Snooker Canada But say the red is tied over the bottom bag next to the black EVERYBODY has being in this position and becuase I am so far in front I arnt going rish giving 7 points away and becuase s he has got the natural chance of winning they dont want to make a mistake and you end up playing tappy up shots for the next 10 minutes I wouldnt mind playing safety for the next 10 minutes aslong as I aachener tivoli neu becuase if it was a re rack whats to say he is not gonig to get a break of 50 and game over then? Like when they go at it in a back and forth snookering battle, they waiting for snooker rerack rule slip up from the other guy. Wenn das nicht der Fall ist, begeht man ein Foul. The miss rule is there for a reason. Froome takes yellow jersey from Thomas. At the Crucible, an errant sneeze can earn you a stiff reprimand.


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